Just few notes about me (and my OM story). I am an electronic and RF enthusiast since when I was a child. I got this passion from my granfather who owned a radio and TV shop in my town (he opened it at the end of the second world war) and when I was 10 years old he bought me a solder iron, a couple of resistors and some LEDs (that was the real beginning)!
I joined the radioamateur club of my town around 1994 without having yet a licence since at that time my main interest was the project and realisation of RF units. However, I realised after some years that I needed the license to test and operate these devices so I finally got my secondary class callsign in 1997.
With that kind of license, I started to use packet radio and ATV, with some limited activity in VHF-FM, but I did not have the possibility to use HF. Further, I never had the time to pass the CW exam to upgrade the license, so my activity remained quite limited, till 2007. After the unification of the two classes of licenses in Italy, I finally set up my HF and VHF station and started to appreciate to really go on-air!


This is how my station is today (since beginning of 2010):

Here below you can see a picture of my station and of my HF and VHF antennas.


I am acitive on HF and VHF in all modes (CW, SSB, RTTY and BPSK) from my home station. I am used to participate to some HF contests when I am not involved in the activities of IQ1RY contest group. Due to my limited set-up I can not compete with the 'big ones' but I like to participate in any case to see what I can do and to keep me trained, in particular for CW.
I also like chasing DX stations but unfortunately the time available is not always enough for this, so I have not so many contries in my log.

As stated above, I am frequently involved in the activities of the IQ1RY contest team mainly as CW operator. We are used to participate to major contests, like the CQ WW, CQ WPX and the ARI contests and in these cases we obtained good results. However, what I like more, is to pass a weekend among friends having fun on the radio!

I am also active in VHF, however I have not so many QSOs in this band. I just started working in VHF and the set-up of the station took longer than expected (really the VHF power amplifier and the pre-amplifier need some additional tuning. My final objective is to operate in low-signal modes (like WSJT) via meteor-scattering and hopefully EME.
Unfortunately, I never had the possibility to operate in VHF during E-Sporadic openings, since when they occur I am usually at work! I hope to be luckyer in the future.

You can have additional information on my activites here


QSLs will be sent for each QSO via bureau or direct when requested.
You can send your QSL to me via bureau or direct, but please only paper QSL (no e-qsl)!.


Look for your QSOs in my logs. If you find anomalies, just send me an e-mail. Thanks!